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Member Spotlight: Amanda Autrey, AmeriCorps Instructional Support Team

Meet Amanda Autrey, AIST Member, currently serving with Bright Beginnings, a service site of the AmeriCorps Instructional Support Team AmeriCorps program.

1. What will your service focus on this year?

During this program year, my service will focus on providing direct support to economically disadvantaged children. This service will help Pre-K programs develop school readiness skills in terms of social development and literacy skills pertaining to book knowledge. I will be demonstrating useful math development skills that will have a set of specific and measurable indicators.

2. What inspired you to serve as an AmeriCorps member?

I was inspired to serve because I want to support the teachers in our school system, and I love working with kids and helping them learn and grow.

3. What advice would you give someone interested in serving with your AmeriCorps State program.?

I would tell them to go for it! AmeriCorps is a great way to give back to your community and to help others.

Thank you for your service Amanda!


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