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Member Spotlight: Brittany Epling, Student Conservation Association AmeriCorps Program.

Meet Brittany Epling, SCA Member, currently serving in Mobile, AL, a service site of the AmeriCorps Conservation Corps AmeriCorps Program.

1. What will your service focus on this year?

My service will focus on new experiences, gaining certifications and other workforce development to be ready to enter a career. I will also focus on being a steward of the environment and community through our project work. Our project work mainly revolves around habitat restoration, invasive plant species removal, and trail maintenance.

2. What inspired you to serve as an AmeriCorps member?

I am passionate about protecting the environment and sustainability so I wanted to find a program where I could help in the environmental field. I also thought it was a great program to develop my workforce skills and resume. The AmeriCorps Education Award is also a bonus because I can use it to continue to get my master’s degree.

3. What advice would you give someone interested in serving with your AmeriCorps State program?

I would highly encourage them to apply for many different positions within AmeriCorps. Be prepared for hard but rewarding work, also be adaptable and willing to learn many new skills you never thought you’d learn. Being a good team member is essential.

Thank you for your service, Brittany!


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