Program Spotlight: Selma AmeriCorps Program

Host Organization: City of Selma AmeriCorps Program Name: Selma AmeriCorps Program Number of Members Serving: 48 AmeriCorps Members (full-time) Counties of Service: Dallas County Program Staff: Teresa Carter, Program Director AmeriCorps Program: Members will provide tutoring services to students and engage students in physical education activities in Selma and Dallas County, Alabama. Additionally, some of the members will work toward obtaining their high school diploma or its equivalence, and others will register for college courses. Members will also leverage volunteers who will be engaged in episodic community service projects.

Program Spotlight: Mobile Baykeeper AmeriCorps Team

Host Organization: Mobile Baykeeper AmeriCorps Program Name: Mobile Baykeeper AmeriCorps Team Number of Members Serving: 6 AmeriCorps Members (half-time) Counties of Service: Mobile and Baldwin Counties Program Staff: Casi Callaway, Program Director; Nickelle Stoll, Operations Manager AmeriCorps Program: Members will lead educational presentations and train the community to be monitors as part of the Strategic Watershed Awareness and Monitoring Program (SWAMP); recruit volunteers to build stewardship as a part of the Volunteer Environmental Stewardship Program; and conduct inspections and environmental watching activities for the Baykeeper Patrol Program for the communities in Mobile and Ba

Program Spotlight: Alabama Network of Family Resource Centers AmeriCorps

Host Organization: SAFE Family Service Center AmeriCorps Program Name: AL Network of Family Resource Centers AmeriCorps Number of Members Serving: 20 AmeriCorps Members (full-time and half-time) Counties of Service: Talladega, Houston, Walker, Jefferson, Tuscaloosa, Lee Counties Program Staff: LaKesha Ross, Program Director AmeriCorps Program: ANFRC AmeriCorps Program is determined to help its service communities thrive in areas of education, job readiness, youth resiliency, financial and nutritional literacy. At the end of the program year, ANFRC Corps members will be responsible for improving school performance, attendance and graduation rates for students in Talladega, Houston, Tuscaloosa

Program Spotlight: Teach For America-Alabama

Host Organization: Teach For America AmeriCorps Program Name: Teach For America-Alabama Number of Members Serving: 46 AmeriCorps Members (full-time) Counties of Service: Jefferson, Madison, Dallas, Hale, Perry Counties Program Staff: Khadijah Abdullah, Executive Director; Ansley Hagler, Development Director; Amber Haywood, Development Manager; and Karen Johnson, Development Manager AmeriCorps Program: Teach For America finds, develops, and supports a diverse network of leaders who expand opportunity for children from classrooms, schools, and every sector and field that shapes the broader systems in which schools operate. We understand that too often, children growing up in poverty are denie

Program Spotlight: Birmingham Engaging in STEM AmeriCorps

Host Organization: Birmingham City Schools AmeriCorps Program Name: Birmingham Engaging in STEM AmeriCorps (BETA) Number of Members Serving: 11 AmeriCorps Members (full-time and half-time) Counties of Service: Jefferson County Program Staff: Tiffanie Crumbley, Program Director and Cassaundra Davis, Operations Coordinator AmeriCorps Program: BETA is a program that seeks to increase math and science skills of Kindergarten-8th grade, by providing academic support and implementation of programmatic activities, while assisting with the overall smooth operation of the Birmingham City School district and its work in Birmingham. Goals and Objectives of the Program: The goal of this AmeriCorps progra

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