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Program Spotlight: Birmingham Engaging in STEM AmeriCorps

Host Organization: Birmingham City Schools

AmeriCorps Program Name: Birmingham Engaging in STEM AmeriCorps (BETA)

Number of Members Serving: 11 AmeriCorps Members (full-time and half-time)

Counties of Service: Jefferson County

Program Staff: Tiffanie Crumbley, Program Director and Cassaundra Davis, Operations Coordinator

AmeriCorps Program: BETA is a program that seeks to increase math and science skills of Kindergarten-8th grade, by providing academic support and implementation of programmatic activities, while assisting with the overall smooth operation of the Birmingham City School district and its work in Birmingham.

Goals and Objectives of the Program: The goal of this AmeriCorps program is to ensure Birmingham City School’s students are proficient in algebra by end of eighth grade and ultimately to set them up for success in an academic world and economy dependent upon understanding math concepts.

Responsibilities of the AmeriCorps Members: Members provide effective in-school individual and small group tutoring/coaching during class hours that results in academic improvements & students reaching identified outcomes. Provide after-school and summer academic enrichment activities, homework assistance, and organized play for students; Assist with the recruitment and retention of BETA Participants and Corps volunteers including distributing materials, building relationships with colleges, civic and youth organizations, and attracting new partners.


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