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Disaster Preparedness Training 

Listed in this calendar are public training opportunities. 

Community Emergency Response Team (CERT)


CERT Train-the-Trainer  P-2060

Course Overview: The purpose  of  this  Community  Emergency  Response  Team  (CERT)  Train-the-Trainer (T-T-T)  Course  is  to get  skilled instructors  for  the CERT  Basic  Training  Course.

  • A skilled CERT  instructor  gives  the CERT  Basic  Training  Course correctly, explaining  the  messages  and intent  of  the  CERT  Program  (e.g.,  safety, teamwork,  and  place in overall  community  emergency  operations plan).

  • A skilled  instructor  makes  sure  that  students  complete  the  objectives  of  the  CERT Basic  Training  Course.

  • A skilled CERT  instructor  gives  training  effectively  and at  the right  level,  helping students  to learn and correctly  apply  skillsets.

  • A skilled  instructor  creates  a comfortable yet  managed learning environment.


Overall Course Objectives: 

By  the end of  this  course,  participants  should  be able to:

  1. Show knowledge of  the CERT  Basic  Training  Course.

  2. Show the  ability  to present  an  assigned part  of  the  CERT  Basic Training  Course (teach-back).

  3. Explain the core values  of  the  program.

  4. Show classroom  management  techniques.

  5. Show effective teaching  techniques.

  6. Model  appropriate behavior  as  an  instructor. In addition  to  the  overall  course objectives  listed above,  each  unit  has  specific objectives.


Target Audience: The target  audience  for  this  course  includes  the  following:

  • People who will  serve as  the course  manager  for  the CERT  Basic  Training Course.  This  course  manager  would have the  power  to name instructors  to teach selected  units.

  • People who will  be CERT  Basic  Training  Course instructors  in  any way.


Note:  Those who teach only  one  or  two of  the units  may  do so without  taking  the CERT T-T-T  Course.  However,  the CERT  T-T-T  Course would give them  a  needed overview of  the CERT  Basic  Training  Course as  well  as  improve their  teaching  skills.


  • A referral  from  a CERT  sponsoring  agency.  (i.e.,  local,  regional,  or  state government  agency)

  • Earlier  completion of  the CERT  Basic  Training  Course;  and  (if  necessary)

  • Approval  from  the state CERT  coordinating  agency  if  that  agency  sponsors  the CERT  T-T-T  Course.


* The Governor's Office of Volunteer Services (GOVS) is the Alabama State CERT coordinating agency.

June 7-9, 2023

Mobile County EMA

G288: Local Volunteer and Donations

Management Training 

The Governor's Office of Volunteer Services will host G288: Local Volunteer and Donations Management Training. The G288: Local Volunteer and Donations Management Course is a 1 ½ day training designed to strengthen the abilities of local jurisdictions to successfully prepare for and handle volunteer and donations management issues that arise.


Course Goal:


To provide local emergency management personnel and voluntary agency representatives with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop and execute an effective volunteer and donations management program as well as develop a volunteer and donations management support annex


Course Objectives:


  • Identify key organizations and individuals who have a role in managing unaffiliated volunteers, unsolicited goods, and undesignated cash donations in disasters.

  • Identify specific agencies and organizations and how they collaborate to form a Volunteer and Donations Coordination Team (VDCT).

  • Develop an effective public education and information structure to support the successful management of unaffiliated volunteers, unsolicited goods, and undesignated cash donations.

  • Identify how to effectively manage the surge of unsolicited goods.

  • Gather information from organizations, agencies, volunteers, media, and others for donations intelligence purposes.

  • Facilitate the matching of unaffiliated volunteers with appropriate organizations or agencies during program implementation.

  • List the planning considerations for cash donations.

  • Incorporate technology needed to successfully manage information on unaffiliated volunteers and unsolicited goods.

  • Relate volunteer and donations management program responsibilities to the planning components of the annex.


Target Audience:


  • County Emergency Management Agency personnel

  • Local government officials

  • Local volunteer and donations management coordinators

  • Key VOAD members who play a role in volunteer and donations management

Course Dates and Locations

April 11-12, 2023

Mobile County EMA

Volunteer Reception Center (VRC) Training

Training attendees will gain the skills to establish a local Volunteer Reception Center (VRC). VRC Training will prepare participants to staff VRCs that will register and place spontaneous volunteers in times of disaster. These centers ensure that volunteers are given meaningful and constructive opportunities to satisfy their desire to assist in a time of need, while not overwhelming the affected community during the disaster response and recovery process. The training includes an interactive VRC exercise where participants experience the VRC model and practice managing spontaneous volunteers.

Course Dates and Locations

April 11-12, 2023

Mobile County EMA

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FEMA Trainings

Visit FEMA’s Emergency Management Institute (EMI) for information on training opportunities and course offerings.

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