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Member Spotlight: Brennan Spoor, Teach for America Alabama AmeriCorps Program

Meet Brennan Spoor, Middle School Social Studies Teacher, currently serving with Phillips Academy, a service site of the Teach for America Alabama AmeriCorps program.

1. What will your service focus on this year? This year my service will focus on teaching History to 8th graders and running extracurricular clubs and activities within the school community.

2. What inspired you to serve as an AmeriCorps member? Serving the public is what inspired me to serve as an AmeriCorps member. The ability to give back really drives me to keep going.

3. What advice would you give someone interested in serving with your AmeriCorps State program? The advice I would give is to focus on the things you can control. Even though training is provided, do a lot of your own research to advance your skills.

Thank you for your service Brennan!


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