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G288 Local Volunteer and Donations Management Course and VRC Training

The Governor’s Office of Volunteer Services, along with the Alabama Volunteer and Donations Coordination Team, is hosting G288: Local Volunteer and Donations Management trainings. G288: Local Volunteer and Donations Management is a 1 ½ day course designed to strengthen the abilities of local jurisdictions to successfully prepare for and handle volunteer and donations management issues that arise.

As Alabama’s lead for Volunteers and Donations, the Governor’s Office of Volunteer Services has recognized the importance of this training and has scheduled two trainings this coming April. The goal is for every local Volunteer and Donations Coordinator and personnel from each county EMA to attend this course. This training allows participants the time to discuss their county’s Volunteer and Donations Management Annex for your County EOP and will guide you through the process of writing or updating your plan.

In addition to G288, we will also be providing a Volunteer Registration Center (VRC) training. VRC training will prepare participants to staff VRCs that will register and place spontaneous volunteers in times of disaster.

Below are the 2019 dates and locations. You must register to attend these trainings.

G288: Local Volunteer and Donations Management Course

Marshall County

April 2-3, 2019

Houston County

April 16-17, 2019

VRC Training:

Marshall County

April 4, 2019

Houston County

April 18, 2019

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