Site Spotlight: R.B. Hudson Middle School

How many members are serving at this site? This year we have three Teach For America AmeriCorps members working at R.B. Hudson Middle School. Carol Vance is in her second year teaching, and Janeise Leonard and Sandra Wakeley are in their first year teaching.

What is your organizations goal at this site? Our goal is continue to partner with R.B. Hudson Middle School and Selma City Schools to provide excellent teachers where they are needed, and create a pipeline of teacher-leaders throughout the school and the district and within the feeder pattern. We are happy that we now have one first-year Teach For America-Alabama member, Courtney Gilmore, working at Selma High School, which students attend after R.B. Hudson Middle School.

What is something exciting that has happened at this site? This past Saturday, March 4th, Teach For America – Alabama corps members from across the state convened in Selma, Alabama for our bi-monthly Professional Development Summit. At the Summit, our members engaged with the community during events that commemorated the rich Civil Rights history in the area. After walking across the Edmund Pettus Bridge together, our members and alumni convened at R.B. Hudson where they engaged in professional development on various education-related topics.

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