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Site Spotlight: Bertram A. Hudson K-8 School

How many members are serving at this site? "This year we have 7 Teach For America teachers and AmeriCorps members working at Hudson K-8, including 3 in their first year teaching, and 4 in their second year teaching. In addition, we have one Teach For America and AmeriCorps alumna member who is in her fourth year teaching at Hudson K-8."

What is your organizations goal at this site? "Our goal is to continue to partner with Hudson K-8 and Birmingham City Schools to provide excellent teachers where they are needed and to create a pipeline of teacher-leaders throughout the school and district. Since we began placing teachers at Hudson K-8, we have seen them take on a variety of leadership roles in the school and community including leading Network Nights in partnership with the Birmingham Education Foundation, sponsoring clubs such as the Student Changemakers Council and Quiz Bowl, and coaching sports including baseball and softball. We encourage our teachers to get involved in their placement schools, and our teachers at Hudson K-8 are doing a great job."

What is something exciting that has happened at this site? "There are a lot of really great community partnerships with which students at Hudson K-8 have the opportunity to engage. Programming from the Birmingham Education Foundation helps to provide students with the opportunity to work with GEAR UP, which connects them with community leaders who provide high-level professional development. In addition, Hudson K-8."

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