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Meet Educate Alabama AmeriCorps Program Staff

​Legal Applicant:

Tuscaloosa’s One Place

AmeriCorps Program Name:

Educate Alabama AmeriCorps Program

AmeriCorps Program Staff Names:

Kelsie Tibbetts, Program Director

Counties of Service:

Tuscaloosa and Talladega

Describe your AmeriCorps Program:

Educate Alabama AmeriCorps Program aims to make communities and our state stronger by improving the lives of kindergarten through 12th-grade students throughout school activities.

Number of Members Serving:


Responsibilities of the Members:

Service Members are responsible for planning lessons for after-school and summer enrichment programs in Tuscaloosa County, Talladega County, and City school systems. They also act as mentors for the students in the programs and incorporate life skills, physical activities, and homework help into their day-to-day service.

What the members and the program hope to accomplish by the end of the program year:

All our members share a passion for working with children. They love creating those lightbulb moments for the students they work with when they finally get it! Each member has shared the impact COVID has had in their classrooms, and they hope to help continue to mitigate some of the negative effects the pandemic has had on the children of Alabama.

Thank you for your service!


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