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Member Spotlight: Heather Anderson, George C. Wallace Community College AmeriCorps Program Member

Meet Heather Anderson, AmeriCorps Advisor, currently serving with the Dothan Campus in Dothan, AL, a service site of the George C. Wallace Community College AmeriCorps program.

1. What motivated you to join AmeriCorps? I was motivated to join AmeriCorps because I love being able to help students, especially students who think that they are out of options. I also love WCC and wanted to stay on campus after I graduated; having been a work study student in the Financial Aid office during my school career, the campus and all its staff truly changed my life. I want to be able to help others feel that same joy and sense of accomplishment.

2. What would you like to get out of this service opportunity? I look forward to helping the community and feeling like bigger part of it myself.

3. What will your service focus on for the 2019-20 program year? During this program year, my service will focus on helping students achieve their academic, professional, and personal goals through academic coaching and advising.

4. What are your plans after AmeriCorps? After AmeriCorps, I intend to further my education and continue helping the community and Wallace Community College in any way that I might be able to.

Thank you for your service, Heather!

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