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Member Spotlight: Jessica Hamilton, Alabama Network of Family Resource Centers Member

Meet Jessica Hamilton, currently serving at Alfred Saliba, with the Alabama Network of Family Resource Centers AmeriCorps program.

1. What motivated you to join AmeriCorps? I was motivated to join AmeriCorps because I can give back to my community.

2. What would you like to get from this service opportunity? I would like to give back.

3. What will your service focus on for the 2019-2020 program year? During this program year, my service will focus on getting to know every client and helping their needs.

4. What are your plans after AmeriCorps? After AmeriCorps, my plan is to successfully become an ABA Therapist. My goal is to open a children’s home in my state. My calling is to save, heal, play, engage, and advance a child’s personal life, school life, and psychological life.

Thank you for your service, Jessica!

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