Member Spotlight: DeAndre Dixon, Teach For America-AL Member

Meet DeAndre Dixon, 7th and 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher, currently serving with Francis Marion School, a service site of the Teach For America-AL AmeriCorps program.

1. What motivated you to join AmeriCorps? The advancement of our future here in America, which is our kids, motivated me to join AmeriCorps.

2. What would you like to get out of this service opportunity? The ability to inspire and motivate is what I hope to leave with the students.

3. What will your service focus on for the 2019-20 program year? During this program year, my service will focus on maximizing student achievement by having them grow 3 points on the ACT.

4. What are your plans after AmeriCorps? After AmeriCorps, I want to further myself in the educational field.

Thank you for your service, DeAndre!

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