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Program Spotlight: Selma AmeriCorps Program

Host Organization: City of Selma

SAP AmeriCorps Program Staff: Teresa Carter, Program Director; Elizabeth Young, Office Coordinator; Jacqueline Smiley, Field Coordinator; Tammy White, Training Coordinator

County Served: Dallas

SAP AmeriCorps Description: Selma AmeriCorps Program, formerly known as Selma Digital Opportunity, was established in 2000 and served Selma, Alabama. Originally, the primary focus was narrowing the digital divide between the have and the have nots. Currently, the primary focus is education with special interest in K-12 success targeting the subjects of Reading and Math in particular.

Number of Members Serving: 48

Member Responsibilities: Members will primarily provide academic tutoring to at risk students in Reading and Math in grades 3 through 8, in particular, during and after school. This is in addition to providing mentoring services to students in after school and summer programs. Also, members will participate in community service projects as well as create and implement community service projects. Lastly, members will participate and engage in training opportunities as provided by the Selma AmeriCorps Program, the Governor’s Office of Volunteer Services, and the Corporation of National and Community Service.

What the program hopes to accomplish at the end of the program year: It is the hope of both the program and members that members will fulfill service requirements with the program while gaining educational and life enhancement opportunities. In addition, the program and members hope to exceed program expectations around performance measures while providing meaningful service to service recipients and the community. Finally, the program hopes to provide the members with a memorable and pleasurable service experience while instilling ethics and increasing civic responsibility.

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