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Program Spotlight: Wallace Community College AmeriCorps Program

Host Organization: Wallace Community College

WCC AmeriCorps Program Staff: Dr. Ryan Spry – Program Director; Ms. Amy Ashmore – Financial Director; Ms. Mandy Wise, Ms. Brandy Dowdey, and Mr. Earl Bynum – Site Supervisors; Ms. Betty Willette and Ms. Hope Gunn – Program Support Staff

Counties Served: Barbour, Bullock, Dale, Geneva, Henry, Houston, Pike, and Russell

WCC AmeriCorps Description: The Wallace Community College AmeriCorps Program members will utilize an academic coaching platform to implement intervention strategies to improve student success on two different campuses (Dothan and Eufaula). This program will assist many first-generation college and economically disadvantaged students in acquiring employable high-tech and high-skill sets that will enable this state to compete for businesses and industries in a global marketable economy.

Number of Members Serving: Up to 5

Member Responsibilities: The member will incorporate strategies using an academic coaching platform to alleviate barriers that impede college retention. Specifically, the member will initiate five primary core activities (e.g., academic coaching, early-alert sessions; consistent communication; transitional symposiums, and creating experiential learning opportunities) to assist in student success. Using the academic coaching model as an intervention tool, the member will assist in increasing retention and completion rates by addressing barriers so that students will succeed.

What the program hopes to accomplish at the end of the program year: At the end of the first program year, the AmeriCorps members will be responsible increasing the number of cohort (n=150) students to progress successfully to the next term (fall to spring) by 75%, and then these students will continue this progression from fall to fall by 50%, equating to 75 students who will re-enroll the following year.

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