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Member Spotlight: Braxton Orso, Mobile Baykeeper AmeriCorps member

Meet Braxton Orso, serving with the Mobile Baykeeper AmeriCorps program. He serves in the Strategic Watershed Awareness and Monitoring Program (SWAMP).

What motivated you to join AmeriCorps? I was motivated to join AmeriCorps because I wanted an opportunity to devote myself to a meaningful cause and serve others. Service has been a focal part of my life since I was 16. Some of the best experiences I've had have come from looking beyond myself and towards others. I always ask, how can I improve the quality of life for others around me? Serving as an AmeriCorps member with Mobile Baykeeper provides the perfect opportunity for me to continue to create real change in my community.

What would you like to get out of this service opportunity? I'd like to gain the necessary skills and professional experience to continue to advocate for causes that are important to me.

What will your service focus on for the 2018-2019 program year? During this program year, my service will focus on educating and engaging people of all ages through the Strategic Watershed Awareness and Monitoring Program (SWAMP). This program focuses on teaching watershed fundamentals like what the human impact on watersheds and our environment is. Through this program, we hope to spark lasting change in our community by increasing awareness of environmental issues.

What are your plans after AmeriCorps? After AmeriCorps, I plan to enter law school. When I finish law school, I plan on advocating for causes that I believe in.

Thank you for your service Braxton!

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