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Site Spotlight: Bright Beginnings

HOW MANY MEMBERS ARE SERVING AT THIS SITE? – During the 2016-2017 school year four (4) AIST members are assisting 90 rural economically disadvantage children. Members serve as instructional assistants in five (5) Bright Beginnings Pre-K classrooms.

WHAT IS THE ORGANIZATION GOAL AT THIS SITE? To provide instructional assistance in early intervention in which every child is carefully nurtured, monitored, and guided as they grow and develop physically, socially, emotionally and intellectually. The AmerICorps members assist in strategies in order to develop emergent literacy and math skills, computer awareness, science and technology, physical coordination so each child will be well prepared entering kindergarten.

WHAT IS SOMETHING EXCITING HAS HAPPENED AT HIS SITE? Something exciting “EXCITING” is always happening in Bright Beginnings Pre-K. Everyone loves to play dress –up and there are plenty of occasions for members to dress-up (i.e. Halloween, Polar Express Train Ride, 100’s Days of School, Mardi Gras, Pajama Day and Dr. Seuss Celebration). One of the most enjoyable events was “The Dance” when parents were invited to dress-up and join their children in a dance-a-thon.

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