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Site Spotlight: A.H. Parker High School Birmingham, Alabama

How many members are serving at this site? This year, we had 3 Teach For America teachers and AmeriCorps members working at A.H. Parker High School in Birmingham who recently completed their second year teaching, including Maya Battles, Raven Johnson, and Niajah Moore. In addition, we have 1 Teach For America and AmeriCorps alumna members working at Parker High School, Charity Jackson, who is in her sixth year teaching.

What is your organization’s goal at this site? Our goal is continue to partner with Parker High School and Birmingham City Schools to provide excellent teachers where they are needed and positively impact academic outcomes and opportunities available for students. Teach For America has partnered with and placed teachers at Parker High School since 2012. We are excited to share that all four of our teachers will continue to teach at Parker High School next year, as well.

What is something exciting that has happened at this site? We are thrilled to know that our teachers are being recognized for their hard work throughout the year. This year, two of our members working at A.H. Parker High School, Niajah Moore and Maya Battles, were both nominated by their Principal for Teacher of the Year at their school.

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