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Chelsea Keel - Teach for America

Why did you join AmeriCorps? "I joined Teach For America because this organization perfectly combines my love of children, teaching, and making an impact. In fact, it was Teach For America’s presence in Greensboro, AL that introduced me to the program. After walking into the Teach For America office in the Black Belt and meeting someone who told me about how the program changed her life, I was hooked!"

What is your favorite part of national service? "I know that every day, no matter how hard this work may feel, I'm making a substantial impact with my students."

What is your favorite thing to do when you are not serving? "I enjoy watching movies and building community in my new home."

What is your favorite snack? "Hummus and pita chips."

What is your favorite soda? "Root beer."

What are your plans after AmeriCorps? "After I finish my commitment with Teach For America, I plan to continue teaching and publish a book."

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