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Site Spotlight: James I. Dawson Elementary School in Huntsville, Alabama

How many members are serving at this site?

"This year we have one Teach For America teacher and AmeriCorps member working at Dawson Elementary School in her first year teaching, Chelsea Keel. In addition, we have 2 Teach For America and AmeriCorps alumna members working at Dawson who are in their fourth year teaching."

What is your organizations goal at this site?

"Our goal is continue to partner with Dawson Elementary School and Huntsville City Schools to provide excellent teachers where they are needed, and to create a pipeline of teacher-leaders throughout the school, the district, and within the feeder pattern. Teach For America has partnered with Dawson Elementary School for several years, and it is one of the schools that feeds into Jemison High School (formerly JO Johnson High School), where several other Teach For America teachers and alumni work. Last year, some of our Teach For America teachers at Dawson Elementary School partnered with other Teach For America teachers and alumni at J.O. Johnson High School to create PALS, a peer tutoring program in which high school students provide reading tutoring to the elementary school students. One of our ultimate goals is to help our teachers empower their students to have a positive impact on their community, and we are proud of the work that the high school students have done in this regard with the students at Dawson Elementary School."

What is something exciting that has happened at this site?

"In October, students at Dawson Elementary School participated in Red Ribbon Week, a time in which students were encouraged to learn about and say no to bullying and drugs. This week was designed as a spirit week, allowing students to dress in specific, fun outfits in order to show their support of phrases like “I’m crazy about being drug and bully free.” This was an exciting way to get all students participating in learning about and making smart decisions."

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