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Site Spotlight: SAFE Sylacauga

How many members are serving at this site?

"Eleven members are serving at this site."

What is your organizations goals at this site?

"At this site members work with the Bridges Program which is an afterschool tutoring opportunity for community elementary students. Through Bridges children are picked up from school and brought to the service site. Once there, children are fed an evening meal, are assisted with their homework and tutored as needed. Many of the students would not have this sort of support were it not for the Bridges program and the Bridges program benefits greatly by the service of AmeriCorps members. More than a hundred students are assisted at Bridges each evening. The goal of the program is to positively impact the academic achievement of students. In addition to the Bridges program, members also assist with a local fine arts program that offers children the opportunity to take dance lessons at minimal expense.

What is the something exciting that has happened at this site?

"Members have expressed the joy of seeing the student’s progress in reading and math. In that AmeriCorps members serve the same students on a daily basis, mentoring relationships are being built and members get to see first-hand how student’s grades improve. "

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