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Site Spotlight: SpeakFirst Middle School Debate Team, Hayes K-8 School

How many members are serving at this site?

Two AmeriCorps Members, Caron Byrd and Deanna Creps, serve as Debate Coaches for the Hayes Team

What is your organizations goal at this site?

SpeakFirst, an Alabama Student Debate Initiative is a nationally unique program aimed at enriching the academic experience of Birmingham’s talented and motivated middle school and high school students. SpeakFirst is a collaboration between Impact Alabama and the Birmingham City School District. The aim of the SpeakFirst Middle School Debate program is to cultivate skills that are necessary for success in high school, and, ultimately, college.

What is something exciting that has happened at this site?

Through hard work and commitment to improvement, Hayes K-8 School debaters won their first tournament of the year -- beating six other Birmingham City middle schools! At this tournament, the rounds were judged based on the logic of their arguments. This win was extremely important in boosting the students’ confidence and raising the morale of the team. The third and final tournament of the fall season will be held on November 29th.

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