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Jessica Snead: Teach For America

Why did you join Teach For America and AmeriCorps? "I joined Teach for America because I wanted to make an educational impact on the lives of our youth. Education is very important, and I believe every child deserves the opportunity to obtain a great education. I have always had a passion for youth and Teach For America gave me the opportunity to put that passion into reality."

What is your favorite part of national service? "My favorite part of national service is the strong foundation that it gives corps members like me. Whether it is information to help me become successful in the classroom or just the encouragement to keep doing my very best, national service can teach you a lot. I also love the unity and dedication of national service because it demonstrates daily how we all work together to give our youth an opportunity to receive an excellent education."

What is your favorite thing to do when you are not serving/working? "When I am not working, I like spending time with my loved ones and shopping to find great deals! I also love to have family "get-togethers" with music and great food."

What is your favorite snack? "Nachos."

What is your favorite soda? "Sprite."

What are your plans after you finish your commitment with Teach For America? "My plans after I finish my commitment with TFA are to continue teaching High School Biology and further my education in Secondary Education."

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