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Jasmyn Winston - YWCA of Central Alabama.

Why did you join AmeriCorps?

“ I joined Americorps because I am passionate about being a service to people that are not as fortunate as me. Being a Birmingham native and serving in areas I grew up in, is the best way for me to give back to a community and area that provided so many resources to me.”

What is your favorite part of national service?

“My favorite part about national service is getting the opportunity to make an impact in someone’s life. I currently serve in an area that mainly deals with adolescent children. So if I can influence just one person’s life for the betterment of themselves or their children, then I have achieved my main objective.”

What is your favorite thing to do when your not serving?

“My favorite thing to do when I’m not serving is spending time with my family and boyfriend. We love to catch up on our favorite TV series, How to Get Away with Murder.”

What is your favorite snack?

“My favorite snack is cashews.”

What is your favorite soda?

“My favorite soda is Cherry coke.”

What are your plans after AmeriCorps?

“After I am done serving, I plan to finish working on my MPA and obtain a full time job with great pay and exceptional benefits.”

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