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Site Spotlight: Robert C. Hatch High School

How many members are serving at this site?

This year we have 3 Teach For America teachers and AmeriCorps members working at R.C.

Hatch High School. Kellen Wall and Nicholas Storment are in their second year teaching, and Kara Johnson is in her first year teaching. In addition, Darren Ramalho, a Teach For America and AmeriCorps alumnus, is in his third year teaching.

What is your organizations goal at this site?

Our goal is continue to partner with R.C. Hatch and Perry County Schools to provide excellent teachers where they are needed and create a pipeline of teacher-leaders throughout the school and the district. We are proud to not only partner with R.C. Hatch in Perry County, but to also partner with Francis Marion School, the other K-12 school in the Perry County school district.

What is something exciting that has happened at this site?

Our members working at R.C. Hatch are incredibly involved in the school, helping out wherever needed, from lending a hand with planning homecoming, prom, and anything else they are asked to do. Our teachers and alumni are also being recognized for their hard work, as Darren Ramalho (TFA-AL ’14) was recently chosen as a member of the inaugural Alabama State Department of Education Superintendent's Teacher Cabinet, participating in the process of providing a direct avenue of communication to the state superintendent regarding important education-related issues.

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