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Russell Willoughby - YWCA of Central Alabama

Why did you join AmeriCorps?

"I joined AmeriCorps to be a part of a community dedicated to principles of integrity and justice who are just as committed to enacting these ideals through tangible service."

·What is your favorite part of national service?

"As much as I actually do enjoy the administrative side of service, my daily interactions with the clients, community members, and students are the reason I actually look forward to coming to serve each morning."

What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not serving?

"While I would like to cite something virtuous like running or reading (both activities I enjoy, but let’s be real—in moderation) the reality is probably investing too much time in quality Netflix or HBO shows."

What’s your favorite snack?

"Chips and queso!"

What is your favorite soda?

"Water! With the occasional Dr. Pepper."

What are your plans after AmeriCorps?

"Currently waffling between a 2nd year of service in Birmingham or moving to New York!"

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