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Kara Johnson - Teach for America

Why did you join AmeriCorps? "I joined Teach For America because I have a passion and a vision for change in America, and Teach For America shares a similar passion and vision. I am passionate about systems and how individuals fit into and are impacted by systems."

What is your favorite part of national service? "My favorite part of national service is being able to make a difference on an interpersonal level. I love teaching my students and being a part of a greater network for change."

What is your favorite thing to do when you are not serving/working? "Reading! And traveling. I also love to make new friends."

What is your favorite snack? "Popcorn."

What is your favorite soda? "7-Up."

What are your plans after you finish your commitment with AmeriCorps? "Once my commitment finishes with Teach For America ends, I plan to work in policy and effect change on an even greater level."

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