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The State of Indonesia is a country that adheres to many religious teachings that are widespread in the country of Indonesia, Islam is the religion that is most widely embraced in this Indonesian state. With many who adhere to the teachings of Islam in Indonesia, of course the Al-Quran and Hadith become one of the rules in Islamic teachings.

In the explanation at this time I want to discuss how about the view of Islamic teachings regarding the most complete online slot game which is currently being played by gambling players who are actually strongly opposed by the Islamic religion that exists throughout the world.

In the view of Islam online gambling itself has been discussed in the hadith and the Koran, every hadith that is explained about the rules regarding gambling games is of course very clear that gambling is indeed a game that is strictly prohibited by all religions.

Although basically many gambling players benefit, but still it is strictly prohibited, online gambling is a game that is forbidden for Muslims. Not only playing the most complete online slot games, but there are also many things that are prohibited in Islam, for example, such as getting drunk, harassing people, killing, and much more.

According to Ustad Ahmad Sarwat, in the view of Islam playing the most complete online slot game is basically permissible or permissible, it's just that the permissibility of playing online gambling results in makruh, or haram.

The Complete Law of Playing Online Slot Games

Playing online slot games only as a distraction and not using real money or just for entertainment is still allowed, but if the context is using real money and to get a profit, it is strictly prohibited and legally forbidden.

The law of playing online games can be unlawful if it makes the person negligent in carrying out his obligations, because if playing the person neglects his obligations, then it becomes makruh, and it is a worldly nature that is strictly prohibited by people of all religions. But if the person playing does not forget his obligations then it is permissible because he does not forget his responsibilities.

"Among the most complete online slot games, there may be other games that can be played to keep you busy playing other games. If someone is so busy that he forgets his obligations, then the law is makruh. However, if you are too busy, the law becomes haram," said Sheikh Musthafa.