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Vet Your Contractor

Roofing contractors Ca, like other home improvement companies, need to adhere to state guidelines. Be sure to ask them about their legal business name, licensure, and insurance. To be sure you're working with a reputable company, it's always good to ask for at least three references—and call them!

If you're talking to independent contractors, always ask if they guarantee their work, and what safety measures they will take to protect their workers. When working with larger roofing companies, ask who will be completing the work, and get the name of the roofer in charge of your project and a direct point of contact.

Protect Yourself

Once you've found the right professional for you, be sure to consult with them about which materials are best for your home. Set expectations about project length. Finally, try to secure a warranty on the work. This must be separate from manufacturer guarantees, as they will only cover defects/failures in roofing products, not the actual installation.