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Roman is an employee of Pyromax.

The company specializes in professional fireworks, and I shoot such fireworks.

The word "high-altitude" indicates that the pyrotechnic charges are thrown from the mortar with the help of an expelling charge to a sufficiently high altitude.From 60 to 200 meters.At the same time, the larger the caliber of the lustkugel, the higher it rises into the sky and gives a larger diameter of the pyrotechnic elements.Due to their power and large radius of the danger zone, high-altitude charges are prohibited for free sale.

We can say that high-altitude fireworks is a professional salute, which is launched using special launchers.

A high-altitude salute as a whole can act as an independent element of a pyrotechnic show. But more often it is shown in combination with park fireworks, and sometimes with ground-based pyrotechnics. As a rule, the average duration of a professional fireworks show is from 2 to 10 minutes.

And you will have 5 minutes of happiness! 😀

Роман Бершик