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The TOEFL test which stands for the Test Of English as a Foreign Language

The TOEFL test stands for the Test Of English as a Foreign Language. This test is very important for those who cannot fully speak English and English is their second language. The TOEFL is recognized internationally as well as it measures a person's ability to use as well as understand the English language at a college level. If you are planning on attending an English based college or a university, then taking the Toefl practice test would be a good decision just because most of the English based schools will require non-native English speakers to provide proof of the test and a good score before participating in any of the coursework.

Where Are TOEFL scores accepted?

TOEFL test scores are fully accepted in more than 12,000 colleges and universities worldwide, which includes Australia, Canada, the US, the UK, and New Zealand. The TOEFL scores are also accepted in countries like Ireland and all across Asia and Europe. You can as well use the TOEFL destination search to make sure that the college or the university you are interested in will accept a TOEFL score, as well as see what kind of requirements they have as far as a test score.

How Is The Test Formatted?

The TOEFL test is usually taken on a computer at a special test center where they focus on TOEFL testing, or at home on a computer using human proctors. The TOEFL test will measure all 4 English skills and it takes almost 4 hours to finish it. Here are the sections that the test is made of:

Reading: the reading section is 72 minutes long, and you will have to read passages and then respond to the questions about the passage.

Listening: the listening section is 57 minutes long, and you will have to listen to a few lectures as well as conversations and then answer some questions.

Speaking: In the speaking section, you will have to speak into a microphone and talk about some topics, materials that you read, materials that you listened to. This section takes only 17 minutes.

Writing: the writing section is 50 minutes long and you will have to listen to an audio and then type a short essay about what you just heard.

Where Can You Take The TOEFL test?

You can conveniently take the test in three different formats, which all have the exact same content as well as scoring. The traditional computer version can only be taken at an ETS-authorized testing center. This is probably the best format to choose because there are over 3,00 testing centers worldwide that let you take the TOEFL test, and you can find one near you within 25 miles. There is also the TOEFL home edition format that is taken on a computer at home and there is the paper edition that is only available in some countries. You can choose whichever format feels better to you and is the most convenient for you when you register. Registatriotion for the TOEFL test usually opens 6 months before the actual test date. It's very highly recommended that you should register earlier to make sure that you get a spot on your preferred location and date.

How Much Does The Test Cost?

The cost of the test will vary depending on where you are living, but on average the cost of the test is anywhere between $170 to $300. The total cost will cover the registration fee, your test score as well as 3 to 4 score reports that will get sent to colleges of your choice. If you register to take the test late there may be an extra fee for late registration or for rescheduling.

Best Ways To Prepare For The TOEFL test.

To achieve a good TOEFL test score you will need to study. Here are some of the best ways that you can study and prepare:

Read every day- Even people who speak English well still build their vocabulary by reading books, magazines, and articles every day. The most important part is that you start reading more and more every day and try to read things that are hard for you to read. The more you start reading, the more you will build your reading skills.

Become good at taking notes- During the actual TOEFL test, you will only listen to the audio one time. Then you will have to answer questions about it or even speak about it. And since you can't replay the audio, you will need to take a lot of notes. So this means that you need to learn how to take good notes and how to take notes quickly. Also, make sure that you practice taking notes only in English.

Take practice tests- when you're preparing for the test, you're always going for a specific score. During the preparation for the TOEFL test, you can only know how the actual test will be by taking some free Toefl practice tests online. Not only will the practice test give you a closer look at the real test but it will also help you get a feeling of how the testing environment feels.