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Methadone Clinic in Washington, DC

About Another Way - The Best Methadone Clinic in Washington, DC

We are the industry leader in medically-assisted therapy (MAT) in Washington, DC. Our Washington, DC clinic offers personalized, comprehensive treatment by the top Methadone doctors. Adults 18 years and older can receive comprehensive treatment for opioid addiction from Another Way. We offer methadone maintenance, one on-one therapy, and primary care services. We provide evidence-based treatment that treats addiction’s underlying causes as well as manage withdrawal symptoms for our patients. Washington, DC, America’s capital, is a small city located on the Potomac River, near the borders of Maryland and Virginia. It is dominated by impressive neoclassical monuments, buildings and structures, including the iconic ones that host the 3 branches of the federal government: the Capitol Building, the White House and Supreme Court Building. It is also home to the Kennedy Center and other iconic museums.

Medication-Assisted Treatments (MAT) from Another Way:

Another Way specializes in medication-assisted therapy (MAT). A MAT program is a treatment that helps patients with opioid withdrawal symptoms. It also reduces the euphoria and cravings. These benefits help patients stay committed to their treatment. One-on-one counseling is also part of MAT. This helps patients understand their feelings and thoughts about opioids. Patients suffering from opioid addiction can lead safer, healthier lives if they receive MAT as part of their recovery process.

Washington, DC’s Best Methadone Clinic: Another Way

Our clinic offers a MAT program that includes methadone. This medication has more than 50 years of proven results. Methadone does not have a “ceiling effect”, which means that it does not lose effectiveness if it is given a certain amount. Your doctor will be able to prescribe the right amount of methadone to treat your symptoms, regardless of their severity. Methadone treatment will help reduce symptoms for up to 24 hours.

Methadone MAT programs provide a structured start that encourages patients to stay on track with treatment. Patients are encouraged to visit the clinic every day in order to develop new recovery habits. Methadone MAT can be completed by someone who follows federal and state guidelines.