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Methadone Clinic in Washington, DC

Methadone Clinic in Washington, DC for Opioid Addiction:

What is a methadone treatment clinic?

A methadone clinic provides treatment for opioid addicts. It is also known as Opioid Treatment Programs (OTP). Opioid Treatment Programs are also known by methadone clinics. To help stabilize the body from withdrawal symptoms, the patient is given methadone. The goal of the treatment program is to provide long-term and meaningful recovery therapy. Methadone is an opioid opioid analgesic. It allows patients to withhold from illegal opioids while promoting continued resistance to illicit drugs.

What is the treatment at a methadone-clinic

Methadone must also be administered and managed by medical professionals. The patient receives counseling services along with the medication-assisted care in order to achieve long-term recovery.

Each patient’s methadone treatment is unique and tailored to suit their individual needs. Considerations include what type of illicit drug was being used and how long it was being taken. Also, consider any co-occurring diseases or the patient’s response.

What are the treatment options for methadone users in a clinic setting?

For opioid addiction, methadone prescriptions do not trigger cravings for the illicit opioid nor the euphoric rush often associated with taking the drug. Methadone has been legalized in the U.S. as a treatment drug for opioid addiction since 1947. It suppresses withdrawal symptoms 24- to 36 hours, according National Drug Intelligence Center.

Patients receive counseling sessions as well as methadone therapy. Counseling can prevent relapse by helping patients deal with stress and to repair relationships. Counseling sessions are offered to patients in group, family, or one-on-1 settings for their complete recovery and treatment. Some patients will respond to treatment immediately, while some others may need more time to achieve stability.

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