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#1 Toughest & Safest Invisible Grille – Diamond Grille Systems

Having installing thousands of Invisible Grille in Singapore for many years, and we have realized the many faults of the Invisible Grille, such as:

• The Invisible Grille wire can be easily cut

• The Invisible Grille wire can easily catch fire

• The Invisible Grille wire can be put apart easily, as the tension between the wire will be quite loose.

• The Invisible Grille wire’s plastic membrane/coating will degenerate in time, from the Sun’s UV exposure

• Some of the Invisible Grille wire in the market does rust in time

With all these 5 critical elements that compromise the safety of the Invisible Grille, Diamond Grille System Pte Ltd invented the Diamond Grille Systems.

Diamond Grille Systems managed to eliminate the issues faced by Invisible Grilles. Diamond Grille Systems integrated the seamless features in the Invisible Grilles and robustness of the Mill Steel Window Grilles.

Our Diamond Grille System is a single mono core cable 100% made in Switzerland, our grade of super duplex steel has a minimum lifting strength of 1,000kg on each DGS cable. The corrosion resistance of our Diamond Grille Cable is more than any stainless steel in the market and comes with 15 years anti-rust warranty. Our Diamond Grille Cable undergoes 100% Non-Destructive Test to assure every length of our cable passes certified Swiss Factory Quality checks. Our Diamond Grille System wires are single core, solid, round cables that do not require any plastics membrane/costing for maximum protection against UV or sunlight.

Key Features:

• Tough and Fire resistant

• Abrasion resistant

• Child friendly

• Zero maintenance

• No more membrane/costing on the wires

• Zero risk of plastic membrane/costing degenerating and peeling

• High Tension between wires, no more stiffeners across the cables

• Being tough and secure, and yet invisible see through view

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