Governor’s Emergency Relief Fund

April 2011 Tornado Outbreaks
In the month of April 2011, the state of Alabama was devastated by over 100 confirmed tornadoes. Over 40 confirmed tornadoes touched down in an April 15 outbreak. On April 27, 2011 Alabama experienced the largest natural disaster in our state’s history. Over 60 tornadoes touched down, claiming the lives of over 250 Alabamians.

The Governor’s Emergency Relief Fund is an unmet needs fund available to disaster survivors in Alabama. The fund is administered by Serve Alabama. The fund fiscal agent is the United Ways of Alabama. A nine member Governor’s Fund committee reviews unmet need requests presented by Long Term Recovery Committees from across the state and votes on funding to help individuals and communities recover.
Please mail donations to:
Governor’s Emergency Relief Fund
PO Box 1523
Montgomery, AL 36102